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Julia Users Group - Berlin


Julia Users Group - Berlin had its first get together in 2015. The discussion organising the first meetup can be found on the Julia Users Google group forum.

Following the recent PyData conference in Berlin a lot of interest was expressed in meeting more regularly to discuss Julia-related topics. This webpage now exists to coordinate and announce Julia events and meetups in Berlin.

Next meeting

Date/time: 7pm, 6th December
Location: The Factory Berlin (Rheinsberger Str. 76/77)
Topic: GLVisualize & Meetup date finder
RSVP: Via mailing list or on our meetup page



Our next meet-up will be held at 7pm on December 6th.


Our next meet-up will be held at 7pm on October 13th.


Our next meet-up will be held at 7pm on August 18th. Location to be confirmed. We're going to look at some code for a neuronal network simulator and see what design choices were enforced/enabled by the use of Julia.


At the last meetup, we decided to hold bi-monthly meetups. The next one will be held on August 18th!


Our next meet-up will take place at St. Oberholz on Thursday June 9th at 7pm. Visiting will be Miles Lubin who co-wrote the JuMP library and helped to setup JuliaOpt as a centre for high-quality optimisation using Julia. The main topics of the night will be (i) Julia [I'm guessing focussing on Optimisation techniques this week] and (ii) the basic format of the users group meet-ups.

Please come along if you're interested in having future Julia meet-up events in Berlin. We need to gauge the level of interest. You can follow any organisational changes in this thread on google groups


Say hello on our google groups mailing list or contribute to this site on github.