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You may find more and more Julia users at the biweekly Data Science Co-Learning meeting of OpenTechSchool: Next meeting on 04.10.2018.


We are moving away from meetup.com. For further announcements about meetings please check here regularly or, better still, join our announcements list.


We are changing the location of this meetup. The next event take place at tuesday coworking, Feurigstraße 51 in Schöneberg. Thanks for hosting us!


Julia Users Group - Berlin had its first get together in 2015. Since June 2016 we've tried to meet up every two months for a discussion about Julia and our related projects.

We have a full list of our previous meetings and their topics.

If you are interested in joining us please subscribe to our announcements list. We are currently moving away from using meetup.com.

Inclusiveness statement

It seems unfortunate to have to make this statement but the computing world is not always know for its inclusivity or diversity. We are commited to welcoming anyone who is interested in joining our meet-up and will do our best to learn to communicate with them in a manner which makes them feel a full member of our community without the barriers of rank, background, gender, colour or other distinction.


Say hello on our google groups mailing list or contribute to this site on github. There is also an unrelated Slack channel for Julia users in Berlin: get invited to the Julia workspace.